Starbucks opens flagship store in Phnom Penh

Starbucks flagship store in Phnom Penh fuses coffee mastery with rich Cambodian heritage

Starbucks in Phnom Penh


Gliding along the wall, the Siren smiles as she cups a cluster of coffee cherries in her painted hands. Splashed with scales of coiling fronds, her tail splits smoothly into a pair of snarling Naga, the legendary dragon that keeps watch over Cambodia’s pagodas and temples.

This is the centerpiece of Starbucks two-story, 7,000 square-feet flagship store in Phnom Penh’s bustling Boeung Keng Kang neighborhood. Hand-painted by local urban artists Peap Tarr and Lisa Mam, the mural reimagines Siren, the mythological twin-tailed mermaid that enchants you on every Starbucks cup, as the majestic mermaid Princess Sovann Maccha from Cambodia’s oldest tales.

The mural is far from the store’s only tribute to Cambodia’s lore. Greeting customers at the storefront is a Siren carving in local sandstone that echoes the ancient Khmer wonder in its artistic prime. By the main entrance, a hand-carved stone bowl adorned with the scaled pattern on the tails of the mellifluous Starbucks mermaid murmurs its song of running water. It is in these locally produced artworks where Starbucks 45-year coffee heritage meets a culture that has a centuries-long chronicle to unfold.

Designed as a fully immersive, all-sensory experience that fosters deep connection to the Starbucks story and passion for coffee, the store features an exclusive Starbucks Reserve Coffee Experience Bar, where years of craftsmanship guide the hands of the black-aproned Starbucks Coffee Masters. Through these skilled baristas, a new generation of Cambodians can embark on an elevated coffee journey exploring the rare, exceptional Starbucks Reserve offerings.

Small-batch blended and roasted in Starbucks’ hometown of Seattle, these unique coffees are available through five distinct brewing methods – Siphon, Pour-over, Cold Brew, Coffee Press and the Black Eagle Espresso Machine, all single-cup brewed with meticulous technique and care. For a refined cup, the Siphon method uses vacuum force and vapor pressure to extract subtle coffee flavours, accompanied by a visually captivating presentation that showcases coffee artistry. Steeped for ten hours in cool water, the Cold Brew offers local Cambodians a modern twist to their penchant for iced coffee.

In much the same way, the Starbucks flagship store in Phnom Penh combines and celebrates its coffee legacy with the passion and wonder that defines Cambodia’s own unmistakable story.

Store Address: No. 14, Street 57 & 288, Sangkat Boeung Keng Kang 1, Phnom Penh.

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