Luxury on the move: Rimowa luggage

Cambodian popstar Meas Soksophea discusses the luxury luggage she always relies on when travelling in the country or abroad – Rimowa, Europe’s leading manufacturer of premium luggage

Meas Soksophea
Travelling right: Meas Soksophea, pictured at Raffles Hotel Le Royal in Phnom Penh. Photo: Sam Jam


What does your travel schedule look like? I imagine you’re on the move quite often. Any chance for pleasure or is it only for work?

I’ve got a very busy schedule lately because I have to travel a lot for concerts in the provinces, acting in music and commercial videos, attending social and charity events, and I travel abroad occasionally as well. Aside from work, I still have some spare time to relax at my favourite places, such as natural resort destinations in Cambodia, or to visit abroad.

Tell us about a little about your favourite destinations…

My favourite destinations are by the seaside and natural places. I like these because it can provide me with a quiet environment to relax, which is the very first thing I always want for my vacations.

Why is Rimowa your luggage of choice?

I love how smooth and easy the wheels are when using my Rimowa luggage. Even with the heavy stuff that I pack, they still perform very well. 

I love quality brands, and especially brands like Rimowa where you get how stylish and perfect it is for travel. Their long heritage in making luggage is perfect for me. To me, my Rimowa luggage is my little slice of luxury.

I saw on your social media accounts that you are using two kinds of luggage. What is the difference between these sets of luggage?

Actually both the Topas and Salsa Air are my favourites. I love how classy and strong the Topas is. It’s my reliable luggage as it keeps the contents protected. I also adore my Salsa Air – it’s every woman’s shopping luggage because of its lightness and convenience for travelling. 

What essentials do you always pack in your Rimowa luggage? 

In my luggage I pack clothing, make-up products and other important items. I think my Rimowa luggage is one of my favourite belongings, because I always feel as if it is my small home that can provide me with everything that I need while I am on the go. 

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