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Discover takes you to the sleepy seaside town of Kep to showcase the hottest sustainable and ethical fashions coming out of Cambodia Photography: Jack Malipan Location: Kep Styling: Amanda Kaufmann and Lesly

The temple in the richness of the forest

Sambor Prei Kuk became Cambodia’s third UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2017, yet the temple complex remains relatively unknown. Those visitors who stray from the beaten path and explore the ruins will

History uncovered

In 2012 and 2015, Damian Evans, an archaeologist at the French Institute of Asian Studies, conducted extensive surveys into Cambodia’s ancient temple complexes. Many of these sites had never been fully investigated

Fantasy islands

Luxury island escapes are all about flawless pampering from pier to pillow. Cambodia’s a newcomer to the five-star island resort scene, with the first resort opening in 2012, and these properties now

New horizon

Kep has long boasted many forms of daytime activities, from swimming to buying crabs freshly plucked from the sea to cycling up the mountain ridge buttressing the small town against the waterfront.

Heart of the Mekong

On the island of Koh Trong in the middle of the Mekong River, travellers can explore a vision of rural Cambodian life untouched by the clamour and chaos of the modern world

A view to a thrill

Discover highlights a few tours that show the nation in a different light, giving you a peek at Cambodia’s cultural and natural wonders

Edge of the wild

Alongside Cambodia’s last flourishing rainforest, in the waterways of Koh Kong, sits Koh Andet Eco Resort – a refreshing getaway and natural haven fit for adventure Words by Janelle Retka Photography by

All that remains

In Cambodia’s remote Cardamom Mountains, archaeologists have quietly been investigating a mysterious pre-Angkorian culture that left few clues Words and photography by Pete Ford Additional reporting by Prum Bandiddh

A piece of the Kingdom

With Cambodian art rising in popularity both at home and abroad, Discover showcases five galleries where travellers can pick out a piece to bring home

Must-see sights

Pursat Preah Vihear Rising above a sheer cliff-face on the edge of the Thai border, the ancient Hindu temple of Pursat Preah Vihear lies open to the heavens. Less well-travelled than the

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