Heart of the Mekong

On the island of Koh Trong in the middle of the Mekong River, travellers can explore a vision of rural Cambodian life untouched by the clamour and chaos of the modern world

Keeping rhythm

Traditional Khmer music graces the ears of wedding guests and cues the footsteps of dancers in Cambodian ballet, or apsara. Sup Lina, who can play ten traditional Khmer instruments, works full time

Top Chefs

Chefs love adding their own modern twists to traditional staples. Here are four young chefs to watch who lead some of cambodia’s most innovative kitchens Kimsan Pol 36, and Kimsan Sok 34,

Cocktails with a Cambodian twist

The worldwide explosion in craft cocktails has truly touched down in Cambodia in recent years. We raise a glass to our favourite drinks with a local flavour

A day in the life of a Cambodian monk

Saffron-robed monks are a familiar sight across Cambodia, but their lives remain a mystery to most visitors. Chhurn Samrach, a young monk based in Phnom Penh’s Wat Ounalom pagoda, describes a typical

The natural look: Koh Kong

The natural look: Koh Kong

Far from city life, the vast waterways and untamed jungle of Koh Kong province are enticing adventurous visitors to Cambodia’s westerly reaches

Receiving a crown is an important, and reverential, part of the Sacred Dancers' ritual

Amazing grace: the sacred ritual of Apsara dancing

The ancient Cambodian art of apsara dancing is a popular attraction at numerous hotels and restaurants. However, some of the country’s finest practitioners are to be found in a small village in

Lonely stones: Takeo’s temples

Few visitors venture to the spectacular hilltop temples of Takeo province, which provide a quiet window into the region’s fascinating past

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A night at the museum: Cambodian Living Arts

The Kingdom’s artistic legacy barely survived the Khmer Rouge regime. Decades on, traditional dancers from Cambodian Living Arts are enthralling audiences once more

Masters at work: chefs in Cambodia

It takes years to master the subtleties of Cambodian gastronomy, an art packed full of unique flavours and exceptional local produce. Here, three of the country’s finest chefs present their favourite local

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