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Masters at work

Contemporary art is thriving once again in the Kingdom with a new generation of artists helping to build the country’s creative future. Here, Reaksmey Yean, an art professional and assistant curator at

The art of war

From eating black rubber sandals to dragging an 80kg metal ball halfway across Cambodia, Svay Sareth’s art is heavy with the trauma of a childhood spent in refugee camps Words by Paul

Keeping rhythm

Traditional Khmer music graces the ears of wedding guests and cues the footsteps of dancers in Cambodian ballet, or apsara. Sup Lina, who can play ten traditional Khmer instruments, works full time


Discover follows a young Cambodian architect on a tour of three developments envisioned by the country’s famous late architect, Vann Molyvann Words by Janelle Retka Photography by Thomas Cristofoletti

Made in the Shade

Sok Visal returned to his native Cambodia from France 25 years ago to make art and reclaim his roots. He now helms a film and music collective that is leading a creative

Three lives in Angkor

At the height of its splendour, the Khmer Empire stretched across all of Indochina, drawing tribute and trade from nations across the known world. Working from 13th century records and scenes of

Two thousand years of Cambodian history

From the sacred statues of ancient Funan to the killing fields of the Khmer Rouge, Cambodia’s history charts the rise, fall and rebirth of a wondrous civilisation

Kong Vireak, director of the National Museum of Cambodia

Into the past: Cambodia’s National Museum

A treasure trove of ancient artefacts and cultural curios, Cambodia’s National Museum is an important site for any visitor to the country. We meet the man at the helm of this august

A Cambodian funeral

Discover’s guide to Cambodian cultural events

Been invited to a wedding? Wondering about the ubiquitous small houses stuffed with burning incense? Let us help you delve deeper into a few of Cambodia’s cultural rites

Receiving a crown is an important, and reverential, part of the Sacred Dancers' ritual

Amazing grace: the sacred ritual of Apsara dancing

The ancient Cambodian art of apsara dancing is a popular attraction at numerous hotels and restaurants. However, some of the country’s finest practitioners are to be found in a small village in

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A night at the museum: Cambodian Living Arts

The Kingdom’s artistic legacy barely survived the Khmer Rouge regime. Decades on, traditional dancers from Cambodian Living Arts are enthralling audiences once more

Banteay Srei

Cambodia’s temples: five of the best

Archaeologist Dougald O’Reilly helps us navigate the Kingdom’s historic temples by sharing his insights into the treasures found at Angkor and beyond

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