From the ornate roofs of the Royal Palace to the glistening steel of Vattanac Tower, Cambodia’s capital is a fascinating blend of traditional and modern. Even as the skyline reaches ever upward, the city manages to retain a small-town vibe. With swanky bars and restaurants fit to grace any capital, this buzzing city is definitely on the up



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The Balé is bringing new levels of luxury to the outskirts of Phnom Penh. Located a short drive from the centre of town and overlooking the mighty Mekong river, peaceful Buddhas keep a watchful eye on proceedings, while minimalist design, fragrant foliage and natural lighting help to create a welcome sanctuary at arm’s length from one of Asia’s most dynamic cities. The resort’s in-house eatery Theato is also a destination in its own right, serving up exceptional food and drinks to a crowd of discerning day-trippers who pop over from the capital for a few hours.

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Finding transport is rarely an issue in Phnom Penh. The most atmospheric way to get around is via tuk tuk, but be sure to negotiate a price before getting in. Taxis are also becoming popular and are easily ordered via ride-hailing apps – we recommend Exnet, though others are available.




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A number of regionally brewed lagers will vie for your attention on menus throughout the country, and which is the best is the subject of much debate. Angkor and Cambodia Beer are the most popular with locals, though the Singaporean brand Anchor and the famed BeerLao from neighbouring Laos are also good options.


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Key phrases:

Hello > Sua s’dei

Goodbye > Lia hao-y

How are you? > Sok sabai?

Sorry > Sohm toh

Yes > Baat (man) – Jaa (woman)

No > Ot-tay

Thank you Awkun

No problem > Ot benh ha

Left > Schweng

Right > Saddam

Straight on > Dow tron

Go back > Dow veng